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Configuring the Clay Tablet Connector

After you install the Connector, you log in to the Clay Tablet Dashboard interface as fwadmin and you perform the following steps to configure your Connector installation:

  1. Configuring Sites for Site Administrators. Optional. If you have site administrators in addition to a global administrator, you assign the Clay Tablet Dashboard app to the CTSiteAdmin role.
  2. Enabling Sites, Asset Types, and Attributes for Translation. This requires the following tasks:
  • Enabling the Connector for the desired OWCS sites.
  • Enabling asset types that can be translated.
  • Enabling attributes for each asset type that can be translated.

Important: This step is required to display the Translation menu in the Contributor interface .

  1. Setting Up the CMS Address Key and the Platform Keys. Examples of translation providers include Lionbridge Freeway, Machine Translation, etc.
  2. Configuring Global Connector Settings. Optional.
  3. Configuring Workflow. Optional. This sets up a workflow process that moves assets:
  4. when you send them out for translation
  5. when they return from translation
  6. Configuring Connector Languages. This includes the following tasks:
  7. Mapping Connector languages.
  8. Adding a new locale to the Connector. Optional.
  9. Assigning a target language to sites, asset types, and assets. Optional.
  10. Configuring Purchase Order Numbers. Optional. You can configure the Connector so that a purchase order (PO) number is required when sending out content for translation.
  11. Managing Your Configurations. Optional. You can export your configuration settings to an XML file and then import it to this or another OWCS instance.

Important: You must log in to the Clay Tablet Dashboard interface to perform all configuration steps. To view the Clay Tablet Dashboard application icon immediately after logging in and in the top-left corner of OWCS, the CTAdmin role must be assigned to your current user.