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Sending Out Jobs for Translation

Whenever you send out a job for translation, you send it out from the Job Details page.

The Job Details page opens automatically in the following scenarios:

In these scenarios, you can either immediately send out the job for translation, or you can save it, so that you can send it out later.

To send out a previously saved job for translation:
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. In the Contributor interface, select Translation > Job Status from the menu.
  3. In the Clay Tablet Dashboard interface, under Management, click View All Jobs.

The Translation Jobs page opens. For a detailed description of this page, see Monitoring All Translation Jobs.

  1. In the Active Jobs section, click the link in the Name column for the job to modify.

Note: The job must have Created status, which indicates that it has not yet been sent out for translation.

The Job Details page opens.

  1. Optional. Add or remove assets in the job, and specify or update the translation-job settings. For a detailed description of this page and these settings, see Modifying a Job before Sending It Out for Translation.
  2. Click Send Now.

A message box opens, confirming that you want to send out this job to the specified translation provider. Click OK to proceed.

The Job Details page refreshes.

  1. To view the translation progress of this job, click View Details.

The page updates.

  1. The Status is Sent to CT Platform. In the asset list, the assets have SENDING_TO_PLATFORM status. Click the Refresh icon to refresh the page.