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Event Overview

The Connector you build uses events, which are .NET classes, to send content and other data to the Clay Tablet Platform and to retrieve content and other data from it. Each event controls one of the objects described below. Although the events that control these objects are not related in the .NET hierarchy, looking at the events in the context of these objects is helpful in understanding how the entire system functions.

Object Description For Information about Events Using These Objects, See...
Asset A content item for translation.

Asset Events

SupportAsset A supporting document and its metadata. Support assets are not translated by the translation provider, but they provide helpful context for the translator.

SupportAsset Events

AssetTask Asset tasks are either assets (source content for translation) or target-specific translation tasks for translating a particular content item (asset). The task of translating a particular asset (content item) into a single language is a single asset task. Therefore suppose a content item will be translated into both French and German. The asset is the content item in the source language. There are three asset tasks: the original content item; the translation of the content item into French; and the translation of the content item into German.

AssetTask Events

AssetTaskQuote A request for a quote when the Content Connector sends content for translation, or the quote itself.

AssetTaskQuote Events

AssetTaskState The state of an asset task (translation task).

AssetTaskState Events

AssetTaskTranslation An asset task that has been translated (translated content).

AssetTaskTranslation Events


A group of assets with the same Project ID.

Note: You can also group assets as a job. For a comparison of jobs and projects, see Grouping Assets for Translation.

Project Events

AssetTaskUpdate The request for an update to previously translated content.

AssetTaskUpdate Events

UpdatedAssetTask Updated translated content.

UpdatedAssetTask Events

The request to correct a translation, and later it is the actual corrected translation.

TranslationCorrectionAsset Events

UpdateTMAsset Translated content that the content producer sends to the translation provider so that it can update the translation memory (TM).

UpdateTMAsset Events

ProcessingError Processing errors can occur when the Clay Tablet Platform is processing an event it receives.

ProcessingError Events